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To each coaching I bring my experience as a director, acting teacher, and casting director to help you bring your most inspired self to auditions, rehearsal processes, and performances.



Now offering:

  • MT Audition Repertoire building and coaching

  • Callback sides preparation

  • Monologue coaching

  • Self-tape coaching and recording

  • College Audition Coaching

  • Summer Stock Audition Coaching

  • Preparing a role for performance (toolbox of warm-ups, exercises)

  • Revitalizing your acting career after hiatus





Why do I coach?

I coach because I am passionate about supporting actors. Whether you are new to auditioning, preparing a final callback, or crafting a role for performance, I'm here to meet you where you are and help you use your individual strengths to access greater depths of specificity in your performances.

I am here to see you!

As a coach, I am your “ highlighter.” I  come to the process with deep respect for all artists and believe that you already inhabit everything you need to know. I’m simply here to nurture seeds of inspiration in your work and help you deepen your connection to the material. I will always meet you where you are and provide honest, direct feedback and advice.

I believe firmly in an artist’s commitment to the following:


Let me help you create a positive process of preparation that will serve you in auditions, rehearsals, and beyond. Preparation breeds a necessary confidence in the skills you’ve worked hard to hone. 



It is the growing power. Results are not immediate. Find the joy in cultivating process!



You can only be where you are right now and I promise you that is enough. Kindness to the ever-changing you is vital to the longevity of your work as artist. We will always celebrate the courage it takes to show up and work from there. 


For all coachings: 

I guarantee: a supportive environment in which you can explore, risk, and grow. You will receive honest and encouraging feedback on your work. All coachings are confidential.


**Please contact me for pricing and availability. Discounts available for current students and TWUSA alumni.**

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