To each coaching I bring my experience as a director, acting teacher, and casting director to help you bring your most inspired self to auditions, rehearsal processes, and performances.



Now offering:

  • MT Audition Repertoire building and coaching

  • Callback sides preparation

  • Monologue coaching

  • Self-tape coaching and recording

  • College Audition Coaching

  • Summer Stock Audition Coaching

  • Preparing a role for performance (toolbox of warm-ups, exercises)

  • Revitalizing your acting career after hiatus





Why do I coach?

I coach because I have a passion for helping actors! Whether you are new to auditioning, preparing a final callback, or crafting a role for performance, I strive to help you embrace your individuality and access greater depths of specificity in your performance.

I am here to see you!

As a coach, I am your “ highlighter.” I believe that everything you need to know as an artist, you already inhabit. I’m simply here to nurture seeds of inspiration in your work and help you access greater specificity in your approach to the material. I will always meet you where you are, and provide honest, and direct feedback and advice.

I believe firmly in an artist’s commitment to the following:


It is clear when you’ve prepared and when you haven’t. Let me help you create a positive process of preparation that will serve you in auditions, rehearsals, and beyond. Preparation is not only essential in a competitive industry but breeds necessary confidence in the skills you’ve worked hard to hone. You deserve a commitment to preparation.



It is the growing power. Results are not immediate. Find the joy in cultivating process!



I promise you are enough. You will be freed by taking ownership of your own truth and power. This is both the simplest and scariest piece of advice to offer and follow, but kindness to the ever-changing you is vital to the longevity of your work as artist.


For all coachings:

I guarantee: a supportive environment in which you can explore, risk, and grow and receive honest and direct feedback based on my experience as a director, casting director and acting teacher. All coachings are confidential.


I do not guarantee: your next job (THOUGH I WISH I COULD!).  A coaching/class cannot guarantee that you will book the next job or that I will hire you in a project I direct or cast.


**Please contact me for pricing and availability. Discounts available for current students and TWUSA alumni.**


Other offerings:


Whether the city, biz, or life is wearing you down or you are simply seeking community as you grow, you deserve a safe learning space that inspires you.


Come sharpen your tools alongside other artists in Jillian’s SPARK! classes. Bring your own material or have material assigned. Each class comes with a full mind-body warm-up, followed by individual work-time and feedback. SPARK! aims to be an inclusive, focused, challenging and joyful space; one that encourages risk in a supportive community of artists.

WINTER DATES COMING SOON. Inquire for more information!



Need general business advice regarding the theatre industry? I’ve noticed that a common source of stress for artists is anxiety regarding the "unknowns of how the business works”. Whether you are brand new to New York City, or have been here a while, I am here to help you demystify the industry and answer questions. If I don’t have an answer, I can connect you to a resource or reference that does!